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Past Grants

Camp St. Sophie - Montreal
The children's summer camp is located in the town of Chertsey, approximately 70 kms from Montreal. The camp is more than 50 years old and is located in an area surrounded by magnificent pine forests and water.

The camp committee is continually improving its camp facilities. Much effort has been put
in with the support of parishioners who volunteer time and skills, as well as organizations that continually assist with their donations.

The mission is to provide children in Canada, Ukraine and other parts of Europe to relax in nature to talk to them in a familiar environment, extend the circle of acquaintances and make new friends.

The camp leaders speak Ukrainian, French, English and other languages. Volunteers provide campers with delicious home-made and healthy food.

The camp is a non-profit organization. It functions through donations, volunteers and camp fees which cover only about half of the costs.
Please help SUS Foundation of Canada to continue supporting Camp St. Sophie with your donations.


Camp Trident/Crystal Lake - Saskatchewan

In its 54st year of operation Camp Trident Ukrainian Orthodox Church Camp is operated by the Yorkton Missionary District. In 1990 a new camp facility was built, with girls' dorms and boys' dorms being completed in 1999 and 2000 respectively. Located on a ten-acre site near the shores of Crystal Lake, in the east central region of Saskatchewan, Camp Trident offers an attractively planned setting for children and adults. The landscaped development offers group living in a retreat atmosphere.

All campers are expected to participate in all religious, language, crafts, singing, dancing, sports and other activities, unless otherwise stated in the camper's health form. Evening activities may include a ватра (bonfire), soccer, treasure hunt, social dancing, Friday night dance, Saturday night movie night, Ukrainian mini-Olympics, among many other exciting and fun activities. The campers are never bored at Camp Trident! The campers participate in theme days such as "Bad Hair day" and "Twin day" , as well as theme suppers, such as "Utensil Monk Supper" and a "Wedding Banquet"


Camp Bar-v-nok - Edmonton

Camp Bar-v-nok is temporarily located near Mulhurst Bay on Pigeon Lake, due to the closure of the Bar-v-nok Resort. This facility boasted a new dining hall and high-end kitchen facility to accommodate  campers, volunteers, and staff.

Camp is not just merely an escape from the real world and a retreat in the wilderness for our youth… but rather, camp should be viewed as a return to the world that God intended for us all to live. The reality is, for a large number of our campers, their camp experience and immersion into an Orthodox environment for an extended period is their greatest taste and connection to faith in the year. For campers who represent families who frequently attend our parishes, it is an opportunity to build upon their faith and an opportunity to grow spiritually.

During the 2 weeks we also provided our campers with countless opportunities to connect with their Ukrainian culture and gain an appreciation for its beauty and resiliency. We provided our campers an opportunity to learn some basic Ukrainian culinary skills while making pyrohy and Kolachi and held daily Ukrainian dance instruction lead by a group of counsellors. Lastly, our campers received outdoors and wilderness training in which they learnt basic survival skills, firelighting and archery. For some of the campers, they were given the opportunity to overnight in a tent which was a big hit. Waterfront activities where coordinated and supervised by our certified lifeguard.

Camp Osvita - Edmonton

OSVITA is a Ukrainian cultural immersion summer program for high school students, located on Edmonton’s vibrant Whyte Avenue, and operated by St. John’s Institute (SJI). During OSVITA, students reside at SJI and experience complete immersion into Ukrainian culture.

Since 1979, OSVITA has been a destination for youth wanting to learn Ukrainian language and about Ukrainian culture in an exciting and interactive environment. Over the past three decades, OSVITA has delivered quality cultural programming and excursions, and that tradition continues today with the added twist of adventure. OSVITA is a unique Ukrainian cultural summer experience in Canada.

If you want to meet new people from across Canada, and have a summer jam-packed with Ukrainian culture, Alberta adventure, tons of fun, and new experiences, then OSVITA is for you!

Camp Kolomayka - Abbotsford, B.C.

Located in the Lower Mainland, Camp Kolomayka, it is within easy driving distance of most major urban areas of British Columbia. For over seven years Camp Kolomayka has welcomed children from ages 7 to 15 for a two weeks every summer to learn, enjoy and experience Ukrainian culture.

During the two week period children are given Ukrainian language classes and then encouraged to speak Ukrainian through out their stay. Classes are also given in Ukrainian history, music, dance, arts and crafts. Camp Kolomayka provides a rich and rewarding experience to all campers showing the children the richness of their heritage and creating life long friendships.

Camp Green Grove

This fun-filled two-week summer camp promotes and exposes youth ages 7-13 to the Ukrainian culture, language and traditions. Green Grove camp is open to any and all children! Green Grove Camp is complete with dorms, cabins, a school house, a log cabin, a dining hall, a recreation hall, a church and showering facilities.

Within a beautiful 10 acre, lake front, tree-filled environment located along Wakaw Lake (approximately one hour from Saskatoon, Prince Albert, Melfort and North Battleford), campers will participate in a variety of activities. We offer arts & crafts (traditional and non-traditional) such as Kolachi (braided bread), Pysanky (Easter Eggs), and cross-stitching). Ukrainian dance and folk singing, sports, and much more will contribute to an enjoyable, memorable experience. No Ukrainian dance or language experience necessary!

Campers will learn about the Ukrainian Orthodox religion taught by parish priests in open discussions, lectures and prayer. Instruction will be based on the children’s needs and ages. Morning and evening prayers, and prayers before and after meals will also be taught. The church on site is used for both lessons and spiritual services. Campers are offered confession and communion as well.

St. Andrew's College - Mini College

Every year, during the summer months of July & August, St. Andrew’s College conducts a three week “Mini College| program for children between the ages of 6 and 13. The goal of the “Mini College” Program is to encourage children to study our Ukrainian language, culture and traditions in a fun learning environment. Programming includes Ukrainian language development skills through a wide variety of activities including vocabulary enhancements, arts and crafts, songs, sports, dance, games and excursions.

St. Andrew’s College “Mini College” Program can offer our children the opportunity to experience and cultivate a life-long appreciation of their Ukrainian language, culture and traditions.

Camp Prokrova

Pokrova Children's Ukrainian Arts Camp offers an integrated bilingual (Ukrainian/English) experience in Ottawa, Ontario, Canada, for children aged 6-12 years.

Since 2004, over 200 children from across North America and Europe have played & learned at Pokrova.   

Knowledge of the Ukrainian culture or language is not a prerequisite.

Using a project-based teaching approach, we integrate visual, performing and folk arts delivered by professional and semi-professional artists who create original content.  

A public exhibition and concert is held to showcase the work and performances of the children.
Ukraine's Ambassador to Canada is Pokrova Camp's Honourary Patron.


CYMK –  is an organization for Ukrainian Orthodox Youth in Canada. CYMK’s mandates are faith, language, culture and friendship.

Founded in 1931, CYMK allows youth to learn about and experience everything our Ukrainian culture and Orthodox faith have to offer. CYMK branches can be found in many Ukrainian Orthodox parishes across Canada.

CYMKivtsi cherish their heritage and are proud of their roots. They have a deep respect for the church and their Orthodox faith. CYMK is a place to socialize, make new friends, and build bonds that will last a lifetime. Parents play a vital role in CYMK, providing guidance and support through their commitment. CYMK is a vital part of our parish family.

To date SUS Foundation has granted in excess of $300,000 to our youth programs!

Please help us give more, donate now.

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