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Grant Process


SUS Foundation of Canada maintains registered charitable status with Canada Revenue Agency (CRA), as such it must administer its affairs subject to  both CRA policies/guidelines and its own by-laws.

SUS Foundation of Canada by-laws direct:

To use or grant to other charitable or educational organizations such portion of the income of the Foundation as the Board of Directors may deem proper for the preservation and advancement of education and of the Ukrainian culture in Canada.


  • under SUS Foundation of Canda policies/by-laws capital works/projects do not qualify for a grant.

Canada Revenue Agency directs:

  • The charity (SUS Foundation of Canada) may make donations to other registered charities for programs that achieve the charitable purposes of the Foundation. The other registered charities report directly to CRA.

  • The charity may carry out its own programs directly or through its employees or volunteers or by its intermediaries (agents, contractors or partners)

Activities through intermediaries

When working through non registered intermediaries, SUS Foundation of Canada must be able to demonstrate that it takes an active and fully controlling part in the project or program and must be in a position at all times to be able to demonstrate to CRA that the resources are being utilized appropriately. The applicant must supply to SUS Foundation of Canada, a budget, progress reports and on completion of the project; a
financial statement and written report are required.  A written agreement with the intermediary is also strongly recommended.


Deadline for grant applications: May 31st

Grants awarded: June 30th

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